Beta01 Smart Jump Starter with Air Compressor

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  • Powerful Start: For 12V vehicles, up to 8.5L gas and 8.0L diesel
  • Multi-Functional: 150PSI air compressor, LED light, USB power bank
  • Safety: 10 protection features
  • Warranty: Up to 3 years
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Having a reliable jump starter with air compressor is essential for any car owner. The Buture Beta01 Portable Jump Starter Air Compressor is designed to meet all your emergency needs on the road. Combining a powerful 3500A jump starter with a 150PSI air compressor, this versatile device ensures you're prepared for any automotive challenge. Whether you need to jump-start your vehicle, inflate tires, or charge your electronic devices, the Buture Beta01 provides a compact, multi-functional solution that you can rely on, making it an indispensable tool for your vehicle.

What Beta01 Jump Starter with Air Compressor Can Do

1. High Efficient Battery 3500A Jump Starter

QDSP Technology: The Buture Beta01 car jump starter and air compressor incorporates advanced QDSP (Quick Discharge Start Power) technology, providing 3-5 times the current of traditional jump starters with the same capacity. This ensures powerful and reliable performance, capable of jump-starting 12V vehicles, including those with up to 8.5L gas or 8.0L diesel engines, even in extreme temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 60℃.

Powerful Performance: With a peak current of 3500A, the Beta01 can instantly restart a wide range of vehicles. Whether dealing with a dead battery in harsh winter or hot summer conditions, the Beta01 ensures your vehicle starts quickly and reliably.

Long-Lasting and Reliable: This car jump starter supports over 1000 recharge cycles, providing long-term reliability. Its high-capacity battery ensures multiple jump-starts on a single charge, making it an essential tool for emergencies.

User-Friendly Design: The Beta01 includes intuitive features for easy operation. It is equipped with 10 layers of safety protection, ensuring safe use for both you and your vehicle, preventing potential risks during operation.

Simple Steps to Start Your Car:

  • Insert Clamps: Insert the clamp plug completely into the Beta01. The red and green indicators will flash alternately.
  • Connect Clamps: Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal (+) of your vehicle battery and the black clamp to the negative terminal (-). The green indicators will become solid.
  • Start the Car: Start your car. If the engine does not start on the first attempt, disconnect the clamps, wait for at least 30 seconds, and try again.
  • Remove Clamps: Once the vehicle is started, remove the jumper cables from the battery within 30 seconds.

2. Advanced Air Compressor

High Performance

The built-in air compressor boasts a maximum pressure of 150PSI, making it ideal for inflating car tires, sports equipment, and other inflatables quickly and efficiently.

Turbocharged Inflation

With a turbocharged inflation rate of 35L/Min, this jump starter with air compressor can run continuously for up to 25 minutes, providing fast and reliable inflation for all your needs.

Smart Design

Beta01 jump box with air compressor is designed with user convenience in mind. It features a smart preset function and an auto shut-off feature to prevent over-inflation. The LCD display offers real-time data on air pressure, making it easy to monitor and adjust as needed. You can easily switch between pressure units (BAR, KPA, PSI) using the unit button.

Detachable Air Hose

The detachable extended air hose enhances flexibility and convenience during use, allowing you to reach difficult spots with ease. This makes inflating tires and other items straightforward and efficient.

Easy Operation:

  • Step 1: Connect the air hose firmly to the product and the tire air valve, then press down the handle to secure the hose.

  • Step 2: Short press the power button to activate the product, then press the pump button to switch to pumping mode (default set to 2.5Bar). Adjust the pressure using the "+" and "-" buttons, and switch between units (BAR, KPA, PSI) using the unit button.

  • Step 3: After setting the desired pressure, press the power button to start the pump. The real-time tire air pressure will be displayed.

  • Step 4: The product will automatically shut off once the pre-set pressure is reached, ensuring precise inflation without the risk of over-inflation.

Safety Tip: For prolonged use, it is recommended to stop the inflator every 10 minutes to allow it to cool down, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance.

3. LED Emergency Light

  • Multi-Mode Lighting: The Buture Beta01 includes a powerful LED light with three modes: a steady white light for general illumination, a strobe light for attention-grabbing signals, and an SOS mode for emergency situations.

  • Long-Lasting: The LED light can operate continuously for up to 48 hours, providing reliable lighting in dark or low-visibility conditions.

  • Easy Operation: Long press the LED button for 3 seconds to turn on the white flashlight. Short press to switch between Strobe and SOS modes, and press again to turn off. This makes it versatile and essential for roadside emergencies and outdoor activities.

4. Portable Power Bank

  • Multiple Outputs: The Beta01 is equipped with dual USB outputs (5V/2.4A each), allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. This ensures that you can keep your electronic devices powered up on the go.

  • Supporting Devices: The power bank function supports a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other USB-powered electronics. This makes it a convenient tool for daily use and during travels.

  • High Capacity: With a 20000mAh battery capacity, the Beta01 can provide multiple charges to your devices, ensuring you stay connected even in remote locations.

Why Choose Beta01 as Your Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Comprehensive Safety

The Beta01 includes 10 layers of safety protection to ensure safe operation. These protections include reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, low voltage, high voltage, anti-spark, overload, and over-current protections. These built-in safety features ensure safe use for both you and your vehicle, preventing potential risks during operation.


The Beta01 is designed with a unique honeycomb thermal structure that effectively reduces start-up temperature. Its high-temperature resistant casing further enhances the product's durability, ensuring stable operation even under extreme conditions. Whether you accidentally drop it or it bounces around in your car on rough roads, the Beta01 is built to withstand these challenges. The robust construction and high-quality materials ensure reliable performance, making it a dependable tool no matter where you are.


The Buture Beta01 is not just a jump starter; the integrated 150PSI air compressor, LED emergency light with three modes, and dual USB power bank make the Beta01 a multi-functional tool for various emergencies.


Despite its powerful capabilities, the Beta01 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store. Its design ensures that you can take it on the go, making it a perfect companion for road trips and emergency situations.

Convenient Tool Box

To enhance your experience, we provide a sturdy and stylish tool box that can comfortably hold the Beta01 jump starter and its accessories. This makes it incredibly convenient to carry everything you need, keeping your jump starter with air compressor and accessories organized and protected, and ensuring you are always prepared for any situation while on the road.

Customer Support

Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support.

Powerful Jump Starter

Efficiently jump-starts 12V vehicles, handling up to 8.5L gas and 8.0L diesel engines with ease, providing reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

Smart Air Compressor

Built-in 150PSI air compressor with preset and auto shut-off features, providing quick and precise inflation for tires and other inflatables.

Other Advanced Features

Includes a bright LED light with multiple modes and a dual USB power bank for charging electronic devices, ensuring you're prepared for any situation.

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Bruno A.
Tiny but mighty

It’s really what it promises. No disappointment. Great to take it with you during camping.